Healthcare Reform: Thousands of Hispanics Receive Assistance from HolaDoctor by Phone

Atlanta (PRWEB) February 05, 2014

HolaDoctor, the leading health and wellness online destination for Hispanics, launched its Call Center to help Hispanics with questions regarding Healthcare Reform, as well as to guide them in the application process and to purchase health insurance in the state and federal markets.

The 1-800- 823- SEGURO (7348) service is staffed by a group of bilingual representatives, trained to help Hispanics in everything related to the Healthcare Law and the purchase of health insurance, who answer user questions from 9am to 10pm EST on weekdays and from 9am to 5pm EST on weekends.

Callers receive personalized attention in Spanish by personnel trained in the Affordable Care Act, AKA“Obamacare,” as well as the health insurance and insurance markets in the United States.

“HolaDoctor is always looking for opportunities to help the Hispanic community in the U.S. and we know that Health Reform is a very confusing point for our people. That is why we are offering this service to help everyone who needs it. Our system is easy to use, confidential and totally free,” said Roberto Estrada, CEO of HolaDoctor Inc.

HolaDoctor representatives have the knowledge and tools to provide information about tax credits or subsidies, the documentation required to enroll in the market, purchase a health insurance policy, and also how and where to apply according to the state where the person lives.

“Hispanics who call our free helpline are mainly concerned about whether they can buy in the market, how to register, if they qualify for subsidies and what are key dates and deadlines. Many are confused and frightened by the possibility of fines. Our representatives are specially trained to guide people through this complex process and provide the information necessary to understand the new health care law in a simple way,” said Catalina Rodriguez, Director of Strategic Accounts at HolaDoctor Inc.

Those interested may call l -800-823-SEGURO (7348), seven days a week or enroll online at to receive a call from a HolaDoctor representative.

They can also visit our Insurance Center and contact us through ‘live chat’ (For residents of CA, NY, GA, CO, VA).

About HolaDoctor

HolaDoctor® is a leading Hispanic health company. Founded in 1999, HolaDoctor manages the largest online community of Hispanics interested in health and wellness and is the exclusive partner of Univision Interactive Media for health content. HolaDoctor also provides strategic marketing, communications, and consulting services to healthcare companies seeking to grow the business with Hispanic consumers in the United States and internationally. The company has broad experience in the health care law (Affordable Care Act) [ , health insurance, obesity and diabetes, among other key areas, to increase access to health care and reduce disparities among Hispanics. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in South Florida and Latin America, HolaDoctor serves a growing customer base throughout the Western Hemisphere. For more information, visit

Contact: Omar Hernandez


Phone: +5215548900600

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insurance health reform businesses?

Question by yeas112: insurance wellness reform companies?
could any company switch to the public choice or exist certain practices you need to meet? who could go about it? whom might wish To? what are the dangers you run by going about it? what do you run by staying with what you have today? DONT GIVE ME YOUR STUPID S**T ABOUT YOUR POLITICS. ONLY FACTS

Best answer:

Answer by mbrcatz
First, the “public option” appears to be dead.

Second, it wasn’t for BUSINESSES to purchase group coverage, just for INDIVIDUALS. So a company couldn’t change with it.

Who might like to? Anyone seeking to receive anything for nothing; anybody with a active condition generating them uninsurable; or anybody whom can’t receive private coverage for other cause, like legal status.

The largest risk you run by passing a “public option”, is when you commence, you can’t return. Simply like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, as well as the different welfare programs – it’s irreversible.

Nancy Pelosi mentioned, with public way, we’d have 96% of Americans covered. With the active program, you have 85% of Americans covered. So, you’re nevertheless not lookin at 100% coverage – thus what’s the POINT?

And because far because politics go – any program, which the Congress plus Senate don’t create themselves go about, isn’t adequate. If it’s not sufficient for them plus their families, it certain because heck isn’t sufficient for me plus mine.

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